Why choose SBTracker ?

Track your kid’s school bus entire details in a small single device over a one tap.

  • Actual time tracking

    School admin can track the bus route on just a single tap on screen (particular bus or entire bus) and Parents can also know the actual time & location to reach on destination.

  • Ideal route management

    School admin can manage the entire system (driver, bus, route, student, etc) by a single tap on screen via app. Once the bus starts from school, parents are able to know the route taken by the school bus, drivers’ name, & bus number.

  • Statistical dashboard

    Easily approachable arrival and departure of vehicle via app on dashboard by School as well as Parents.

  • Virtual communication

    No need to spend extra money for calls or SMS between School, Parents and driver related with the School Bus transportation. This can be done free of cost via App only.

  • Student Bus Attendance

    Introduce a Student attendance in Bus without using any other expensive device like RFID/Biometric.

  • Web portal

    School can manage entire data not only on app but also on web portal.

  • Affordable Price

    We offer this service on very affordable price, because we believe that our kid’s safety is prior to any business.

  • Live Broadcast

    Introduced a very unique feature to see live audio/video of inside and outside of the Bus anytime without using any other expensive device like IP-Camera.

How it Works

Login credential

Download the app, login with
user ID and password

Require data

Requires data to be filled
(Bus, driver, conductor, student
details) for each & every route.

Assign route

Assign route to each drivers
and students according to their
convenience either from web portal or App.

Live tracking

Once the journey started, school
admin and parents can view the
live tracking status and
other details.


School admin and drivers can directly
communicate to parents in case
of delay, route/bus/driver
changed via app.

Student Bus Attendance

School admin can take student bus attendance very easily through Driver App (QR Code/Manual).

Live Audio/Video Broadcast

School admin can see and control live audio/video of inside and outside of the Bus anytime through Drive and Admin App.

Eye Spotting Features

The Smartest Tracking App on the Google Play Store.

For School Admin

  • SBTracker® allows School Transport Manager to view Live tracking of their buses on his palm.
  • School can track the Bus departure status also on Dashboard in App. (How many buses out form the school, how many came back to school or how many is ideal stands in school.
  • School can track the Bus running status on Dashboard in App. (How many buses are running, how many buses are stop from more than 15 min or how many are ideal)
  • Manage the particular or entire fleet via App or web portal. (Related with Bus, Driver, Conductor, Students and Route Details).
  • School admin can reach out easily via App to all parents, parents of a particular bus route or individual parent for special situations such as Change in Route/Change in Driver/Change in time etc.
  • Real time notification in case of natural jeopardy, emergency situation, etc.
  • Full control on Driver behavior. (Increased bus speed, driver’s behavior, follows the rules of safety, etc).
  • Peace of mind for School Admin too as instances of parents calling them directly reduces substantially.
  • No need to install separate GPS devices or any other expensive equipment.
  • Inexpensive solution compared to other products available in the market.
  • School Bus database securely stored in cloud.
  • Parents currently not using any bus service may get more comfortable with school buses with such a product of convenience.

For Parents

  • SBTracker® allows parents to view the real time location and route of their kid’s school bus on their mobile.
  • Get notification (when bus leaves the school, Kids boards the bus on way to school, bus reaches the school, Child gets off the bus on way back).
  • No more need for parents to impatiently wait for the bus to arrive in case of delays.
  • No more need for parents to make frantic calls to the School Admin or attendant to find the location of the bus.
  • No need for parents to store multiple mobile number of bus Driver, Conductor or Transport Manager (in cases when the attendant is changed on a frequent basis).
  • Parent get all the information like Bus name and number, Driver Photo, Route number etc. They may automatically notify in case change has been done by school.
  • Mark their stoppage via App and accordingly they will get notification of bus arrival and departure from your stoppage.
  • Push notification (alerts, emergency, danger, etc).

For Drivers

  • SBTracker® gives all the required information to the parents so that driver will be carefree and concentrate on safe driving.
  • Driver contains the particular or entire student details; reach out to them directly via app.
  • Send messages to parents in case of natural jeopardy, traffic jams, etc.
  • Update parents on any delay (longer than expected time).
  • Send SOS alert.
  • View students’ stoppage on map and accordingly he will easily collect them.

New Additional features

Students Bus attendance

  • We will provide live Student Bus Attendance.
  • No any additional equipment will be use for taking attendance.
  • We will use same mobile phone for all the activity.
  • Two different methods for attendance # Manual mode # QR Code Scan.
  • School can simply download the QR code I-card from their panel.
  • Parent as well as School admin can see the attendance at their App.
  • School can download the day wise Attendance report in excel.
  • Parent can also see the calendar wise student attendance.
  • No any technical skill or hardware required.

Live Audio Video Broadcast

  • We will provide live Audio Video broadcast from driver app to admin app.
  • No any additional equipment will be use for live broadcast.
  • We will use same mobile phone for all the activity.
  • School admin can see and listen all activity of inside and outside the bus anytime.
  • For the security point of view this feature will help them a lot.
  • No any technical skill or hardware required.

Comparison between SBTracker® and Traditional GPS Tracker

SBTracker GPS Tracker
Platform School Bus Tracker with cpmprehensive route managemnet system Only Tracking the Bus
Hardware GPS and 3G/4G enabled Smartphone with an android app to be used by the driver or attendant. No any hardware required Expensive GPS device is required
Sim Card Yes Yes
App for Schools Yes Usually No
App for Parents Yes No
App for Drivers Yes No
Route Management Portal Yes No
Website for Schools Yes Yes
School bus tracking Yes Yes
Bus Route Management Yes No
Instance notification in case of any change in route via App Yes No
App Based message in case of delay due to Traffic jam/ Breakdown etc Yes.
(Both Driver and school can send various pre-set and customised messages.)
Message Cost No yes
Student Bus Attendance Yes.
(Student attendance in Bus without using any other expensive device like RFID/Biometric.)
Live Broadcast Yes.
(Very unique feature to see live audio/video of inside and outside of the Bus anytime without using any other expensive device like IP-Camera.)
Flexibility to change assigned Routes /Bus /Driver at short notice Yes, Easily No
Physical Device No any expensive and dedicated device used. Expensive and device required.For Tracking - GPS Device For Attendance - RFID or Biometric Device For Live Broadcast - IP Camera

About Us

Who we are

We are the frustrated Parent, who are facing issues regarding School Bus twice in a day. During a very hot summer day, Heavy rainy day or frizzing cold day. We are worried and Waiting for the school bus at Bus stop, sometimes a very long period. Also worried about our child for safe reaching school.

Why we are

We had talked with the schools and did the Research regarding this problem and we found that either we don’t have any suitable solution or available with very high cost, which is practically not feasible sometime.

What we are Offering

We are offering a very suitable/ cost efficient (without additional GPS equipment) mobile app based system which will overcome most of the problem related with school bus. We are providing Driver & Parent mobile App and web portal for school admin. Parent and school admin can track the bus on real time and also get all required information. Last but not the least if Parent are satisfied and happy School will also in peace.

Our Moto

We are offering this service on very affordable price because we believe our kids safety is prior to any business.

Introduction Video

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Free Model

Track up to 2 vehicle Free Trial for 15 days.

Support can given on Phone/email.

To register, please call us on +91 9801106765 or Write us on sales@sbtracker.in

Subscription Model

Track unlimited vehicle on very affordable price.

Price can be opted as per your requirement (Per Vehicle/Per Student/Lump Sum).

Support can be given on Phone/email. Personal support can also be given on special case.

For more detail plz call us on +91 7004771540 or write us on info@sbtracker.in.

Franchise Model

We are inviting franchises for different states and districts.

With a very less investment you will be the part of our team and get good return.

For more detail plz call us on +91 7004771540 or write us on info@sbtracker.in

"Recognized as STARTUP company by Gov of India"